Unique Appearances and the Faithful


God loves us no matter what we look like.

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I’m a 32 year old woman with very fair skin, hazel eyes, red and purple hair, and quite a few ear piercings (9 in fact). I have a tendency to stick out in a crowd and stuck out quite a bit before I started adding purple to my repertoire.  That all said I’ve actually toned down my outwardly appearance and retired a lip and nose piercing. 

So what does all this have to do with a blog on faith and life?

A lot actually…

As a junior in high school I found myself very harshly judged on my appearance in a church.  I was raised Southern Baptist in a small town.  I had, at that point, four piercings in my ears and had begun dying my hair a darker shade of red than it was naturally.  My conservative parents didn’t have a lot to say about it so believe me it was…

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Knitting and Me.


Reasons why people knit – here’s Mandy’s reason. :)

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This is something I have just sent off to Betsan Corkhill, from Stitchlinks. Thought it might make a blog post. So here it is.

I’m 59. I’ve knitted since I was 6, having learned at school from a very stroppy teacher, who got very cross when I made a mistake. 6-year-olds do make mistakes! But my mum helped, and her knitterly friends helped too, so gradually I built up my techniques and confidence.

I never thought of knitting as anything but fun until I became ill in my forties with M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) (along with a list of other maladies!) and was medically retired.

At that point it became important to feel useful, even if only in a small way. Knitting provided that. For a long while I couldn’t even do that. I couldn’t concentrate for long enough to even cast on.

Gradually, though, I was able to…

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Living in colour

At the New Year I made the resolution to run a 5k. In order to give me something to focus on I decided to sign up for a few. So I signed up for the Race for Life and the Colour Run, which was today.

The problems with my hip has meant that for a large part of this year I’ve not been able to do much running.  So presently I’m  more jog and walk than actual running. 

After reading bits about the colour run its more of something to do as fun not an actual serious race. Also you dont have to run it. This made me feel better about the situation so I made up my mind that I was going to enjoy it and take my time going round – no personal bests here. 

I went by myself and when I arrived I wished that I was with friends. The run is definitely something to do as a group. I really enjoyed the day and I’m already making plans for next year’s event.  :)









A WAR STORY: A digital story for Remembrance Day


100 years ago the world changed. We will always remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Xxx

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My great grandfather Sapper Peter Molyneaux (second right) with his sons George, aged five and Robert, 18 months, his wife, Jim, aged 10, Peter (my grandpa) aged three and Harry, aged seven.

My great grandfather Sapper Peter Molyneaux (second right) with his sons George, aged five and Robert, 18 months, his wife, Jim, aged 10, Peter (my grandpa) aged three and Harry, aged seven.

As I watched a tear run down my grandpa’s face I realised the First World War hadn’t ended.

This proud man with clipped military moustache and silver hair sat in a chair across from front of me.

This was 20 years ago. I was a teenager and had been ushered in slightly reluctantly to talk to him on one of his visits.

We chatted awkwardly for a while. I’m not sure how it came up but he started to recall what happened in 1916 when his father died 70 years before.

There was just me and him in the room, a ticking clock and rain on the windows.

He cleared his throat and paused. He straightened his…

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Eye on the stash


Always good to have a rummage through the stash :)

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Lately I’ve been enjoying pulling more yarn from the stash, especially as I work on this stockinette sweater project – it’s a cardigan and apullover…and oh heck, I might as well do a second pullover in a different yarn, just for fun. And while I’m at it probably a second cardigan, since the first cardigan might feel lonely.


Stockinette projects move so much faster (I do not know why I’ve neglected them, I need more of them in my life clearly) than my more typical cables-all-the-time approach to knitting life. I caught myself thinking the other day that I could just cast on that second cardigan this weekend, even though I’m only halfway through the current pullover, and then the immediate “oh Glenna don’t be ridiculous” reflex kicked in.

But then I realized that, wait, this is stockinette, and I have a holiday weekend coming up with lots of knitting…

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