To Blog or Not to Blog

That’s been the question I’ve been pondering for ages. I keep a diary on and off – it’s not like “I got up had breakfast and went to work” kind of thing nor is it really a journal but it’s about my life, my thoughts, my feelings and my journey with God.

I hope that this will be similar but on a more regular basis. I also hope and pray that this will be an encouragement to others and a way of showing God’s love. At Church this morning (URC – I go to various ones as you’ll discover) the sermon was about being an evangelist, living radically and showing God’s love. It was where I made my mind up to start this thing!

I will however have to watch what I say – I have to keep some anonymity towards others and for my darkest of secrets they will still be kept private. If you want to read those then you’ll have to find my diary!;)