My weekend

So here we are on a bright sunny Monday morning in Brum!  Hope you’ve all had a good weekend.  Mine’s been a productive one – did some housework, did some shopping, meet some friends, did some knitting and cooking – overall had a geat time!


I managed to finish the shawl I’ve been working on for my sister’s brithday present – it helped that it was the only project I took to the SnB on Saturday!  It meant that I could then re-cast on the shawl I’m making for my MIL for Chirstmas (I’ve tried several patterns but kept on frogging it!) and start (which I’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks and getting really excited about!) these:

Note pattern can be found on too!

I love sock yarn but get bored of making socks – I know they are quick but I get bored of going round in circles!  I know you can make other stuff with sock yarn – like the sock yarn blanket that several of my knitting friends are doing – I’m sort of taking the principle to make a bag out of yarn – when I get round to casting on the project all will become clear on here!  The reason why I wanted to do the Ballet School Dropout Sockettes was because on my birthday I developed some horrible blisters – I so didn’t moan about the pain because I had a FAB FAB FAB time on my birthday (I went to Leeds Kitchen!! =D)  There was one on each foot – blister plasters helped one but not the other ouch!  So since it’s still been warm and I’ve been alternating between crocs and fitflops I felt I needed a little something to protect my feet on the croc days.  I found deep in the back of my drawer some trainer socks and it got me thinking maybe I could see about buying some….. then hang on I’m a knitter surely I could make some?!  So there’s the story and so far the pattern is going good – hopefully I’ll have the pair finished by the end of the week since I’m planning on going to 2 knit nights this week!


I also got excited by cooking this weekend.  I collect cookbooks – I have a small shelving area in the Kitchen filled with them and my own notebooks – some have even managed to start living in the lounge, a couple that I don’t use that often live in the spare room and the Nigella Christmas one lives by my bed (not sure why).  I love cooking but only when I have the time – this weekend I got myself reasonably organised and managed to cook 2 dishes from 2 different cookbooks.

On Saturday I cooked “One-Pot Tomato Stew with pork meatballs, Chorizo and white beans” taken from Economy Gastronomy by Allergra McEvedy and Paul Merrett.  The recipe is actually by Paul and I loved it when he said pour two galsses of wine – one for the pot and one for the cook!  It reminded me of the late and great Keith Floyd and made me smile!  The recipe itself went well I had to do a bit of make do – no chilli flakes in the house so I used tabasco sauce and no ground cumin in the house so I bashed down some cumin seeds – still it worked well and there was plenty leftover to plonk in the freezer for another day!


On Sunday I made “Liver and Onion Yorkshire Pud” taken from Delia’s Frugal Food by (of course) Delia Smith.  Hubby loves liver, me I’m not a big fan (I am one of the kids who got traumatised by it through school dinners) but to wrap it in the Food of Angels?  Well I had to have a go!  I admit I didn’t use Delia’s pudding mix as such.  I’m a Coeliac and require a gluten-free diet.  I also had a hard time making Yorkshire Puddings – which as you can guess for a lass from Leeds was a bit of a no-no and made me feel like a failure….. that was untill I tried James Martin’s recipe – yes I know it uses a lot of eggs but IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! Which makes this lass SMILE!!! =) And to feel like she’s a proper Yorkshire lass even though she’s not living there.    Hubby approved of the dish – he even managed to take some off my plate – me I actually enjoyed it – the liver was so soft melt in your mouth way – so I guess result!


End of Sunday always leads to Monday morning but each day is a new gift and it’s up to us to use it wisely – so I’d better sign off  (I sort of promised to do the vacumming before I start work)!  Have a great day!






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