Shelving snow in the middle of August.

Yes you’ve read the title right.  Inspired by the news that New Zealand has snow and to reflect how work has been.
It’s what I feel like we’ve been doing at work over the past few days.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad that it’s busy but I’ve noticed that the amount of books going in and out; and the amount of books being requested has increased (I guess I’ll have to wait till the stats to come out to be proved wrong).  Surely this must be an effect of the present economic climate we are in especially with the news that cost of living has gone up and that retail is  truggling (especially bookshops).

We take having access to books for granted ( whether brought or borrowed) but in some parts of the world they are a luxury item and having access to them for book lovers a dream come true.  I guess now with everyone tightening their purse strings buying a book is going to be a treat, but everyone loves reading and you can’t beat a good book!

I wonder if this and the threats of cut backs (the lyrics from the song “Big Yellow Taxi” spring to mind – “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”)ringing in people’s ears will make people realise how lucky they are and see a return to a golden age of libraries.  We’ll wait and see.


BTW If you’ve got the song going round in your head click the link and watch a live version!



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