Autumn has arrived

Well in Brum it has.  For the past two weeks the winter coat has been out and the scarf and hats make the odd appearance.  I’ve now made a start on the Christmas knitting.  I eventually finishd the sockettes – I’m crap at grafting toes but Debbie my sock guru showed me how to do three needle cast off – and well I’m hooked and that’s the method I’m going to stick to.


Yesterday saw me going up back north to Harrogate for my neice’s 1st birthday.  The knitted tops were appreciated and she looked cute in the little blossom top I did.  I would post a picture but some how have lost them to technology!!


I’ve also started my new work pattern of working across two libraries (part-time at each one).  It’s early days but the hours seem long – although it still works out as 37 each week.  Today I feel really shattered so I’m going to spend the afternoon with the Christmas knitting and catching up with James by watching Saturday Kitchen.  Shame he’s not here to cook my Sunday dinner! =)