Today is Rememberance Sunday. A time when we remember those who gave their lives in all the wars. Often it was for us to have our freedom and live our lives in peace. Today was also the day I handed in my Operation Christmas Child boxes to church. One of the members stood up and explained why it was important for us to give these boxes and it’s revelance to Rememberance Sunday. A lot of the boxes go to places that have been ravaged by war. By giving a box or in my case 4 I have shown to those who are left behind that they are not forgotten either. By having my minutes silence I also say a silent thank you and a prayer to those who have gone.

It does seem funny to mix Christmas and Rememberance up together but I also have another reason to link the two. One of my honourary Aunties is very ill. She is one of the generation who witnessed the Second World War. I always think of her around Christmas as she always gave us a gift. Now I know what you are thinking as an adult now how can you remember the gifts you had as a child? You are right I can’t remember the exact gift but I can remember how they turned up at our house. They always came badly wrapped and was made up of odd bits and pieces; often my sister and I had to say which bit we wanted. It made us smile both as a child and as an adult. It showed that she loved us, cared about us and thought of us. Last year because she was so ill I didn’t get a present from her although apparantly a box of chocolates had been put to one side for me somewhere (they have probably been eaten by now!). It seems that this year may be the same, but what I will remember is that all she had to give was love and that afterall is the greatest gift anyone can give.


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