It’s still Christmas till 12th night!

Which is good really as yesterday I finally finished hubby Christmas present!  He never gets excited about yarn but fell in love with the King Cole Galaxy and stated he wanted a waistcoat in it.  Now I couldn’t really find a pattern so I had to improvise big time but it’s worked and he loves it! 

I’ve got five balls left and so I’ve put them away for now as I’ve got to finish a jumper that has been pn the pins for over a year!  It’s a jumper for me – except since I think I’ve not got enough yarn because the design was eatting it I’ve decided to make a V neck tank top instead.  It meant that the back which was already finished had to be frogged back to the start of the of the armhole and is now being made into the front, whilst the front which I was working on has now been made into the back.  I’m hoping to finish it this week so I can then start knitting two little waistcoats for a very precious set of twins who are a miracle in themsleves.  I’ll tell you a little more about them once I’ve finished it!


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