Doing homework

I was asked before Christmas to lead the first of the New Year’s Bible Study, the subject of which is to be on New Year’s Resolutions.  Now obviously me being a fan of making these or aspirations as I like to call them has had me thinking, searching and praying about how to go about it.  This morning I finished doing my homework and writing up my plan of what I hope to discuss.  I say of what I hope – you never know God may just have some other plans! LOL!

It has also lead me to think about this phrase on New Year taken from Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach:

“Time is the New Year’s bountiful blessing: three hundred sixty-five bright mornings and starlit evenings; fifty-two promising weeks; twelve transformative months full of beautiful possibilities; and four splendid seasons. A simply abundant year to be savoured”

In this book I keep a bookmark from The Quaker Tapestry.  It’s taken from Panel E6 and says on it “Each woman was given a bag of useful things”  The useful things was material to make a patchwork quilt.  It has been an aim of mine to create my own patchwork quilt.  Over the years I’ve been buying bits of fabric and this year I think I have enough.  So over the next week or two I’m going to be looking at the books I borrowed from the library (borrowed before the New Year kicked in! *wink*) to get some ideas and this will be one of my projects for this year.

My other project for this year is to make this Christmas Present I got given. This one needs more thought as I know which building I’m basing it on so I want to get the finish just right.

Today though my main project is going to be cooking the Sunday Roast, which is going to be mutton.  It’s the first time I’ve cooked this piece of meat.  Long and slow is the secret I’ve been told.  I’m also going to try to roast some Jerusalem Artichokes brought fresh from the farmer’s market yesterday  – a nice seasonal treat!


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