Keep on aspiring

At least that is what I need to do. To aspire to keep trying at my New Year’s Resolutions and Lenten Promises.  Last Saturday I broke my I will not buy anymore yarn till the stash has gone.  It was at a Vintage/Craft fair at Aston University.  I saw the yarn, picked it up and caressed it.  Asked how much and before I even new it it was wrapped, paid for and in my hand.  That was then I exclaimed “Oh no!”.  The lady said “It’s thick thread”.  One of my friends commented on Facebook that actually it was intellectually challenged!

Anyway this is what I brought:

The yarn

As you can see it is very pretty!

I’m not sure what to turn it into but since it’s still Lent I’ve got lots of time to think about it since I’m knitting the Booties.  The Booties are going very well.  I’m using up lots of my stash and I’m sure I could do the pattern in my sleep! LOL!

My other promise of saying Grace is not going so well.  If I’m eating with hubby then yes we will say it.  If I’m eating by myself then it is another matter.  I often forget and remember after the first mouthful or even ages after I’ve eaten. I will then take a moment firstly to apologise to God for forgetting and secondly thanking Him for all of His blessings.  I’m very bad at remembering to say it at breakfast time but then I’m usually half asleep.  Today though I remembered!

I had heard via Facebook and Twitter of a strange thing of chocolate cheese:

Cadbury Philadelphia

As you can see it is Philadelphia Cheese with Cadbury Chocolate – both products made by Kraft so I guess it was a matter of time in bringing these two ingredients together.  I had it on toast.

On toast

As you can see it looks a lot like chocolate spread but it tasted a lot smoother and not as sickly.  There was however a slight sour tang to it which I presume must come from the cheese and in my opinion could be covered up by either a mint or orange flavouring.  Will it become the staple on my toast taking over from honey or my homemade jam?  I don’t think so but it’s nice for a change and for a treat!