Planning a wooly day trip

I’m getting excited now!  Not long till the weekend when I’ll be heading to Wonderwool Wales! 😀

I’m looking forward to seeing the sights, meeting fellow knitters and, of course, buying some yarn!  I’m not going to be buying much.  I’m only planning to buy for one major project that I’ve been wanting to knit for ages.  I have though made a note of yarn requirements of a couple of projects on my Ravelry queue – just in case.

I’m planning on what to take for my packed lunch and what to take with me knit wise – so much to do – I’d better get on with it! 😀


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Yesterday we went to Llandudno in North Wales.  I love being by the sea!  My soul needs it.  I have this thing that at least a couple of times a year I have to see the sea.  I feel a spiritual connection to North Wales.  Beloved hubby knows this so as a surprise he took me on a coach trip.

As we left Brum the sun was shining with a promise of a glorious day ahead.  We stopped at a truck stop for a rest.  There was a Biker charity meet up raising money for Help the Heroes and included a fine display of bikes including some classics.

How many types of transport can you see?

Lorries & Bikes

The classics with our coach in the background

Once back on the coach we headed north to Wales.  As soon as I saw my first sign in Welsh I knew we were nearly there!

Llandudno is a fine example of what a Victorian seaside resort looked like as it has kept many of its Victorian buildings and its charm.  This doesn’t mean that it’s stuck in the past. There are plenty of things to do to occupy our 21st century minds.

But when you are at the seaside there are certain things that you have to do that are quintessentially British, like having fish and chips.  Trouble is being a Coeliac and having to follow a Gluten-free diet means that I miss out on the fish coated in batter and stick to the chips.  In Llandudno there is a cafe called Barnacles that do……. wait for it GLUTEN-FREE FISH AND CHIPS (as well as other gluten-free delights such as pie and chips; and puddings):D

Happiness or what?

So once fuelled hubby and I set off to tackle the Great Orme – I say tackle but we let the tram do all the hard work.

from the tram

Once at the top we took in the scenery which was spectacular.  The sun was shining and it was such a clear day we could see for miles.  It was a great way to worship God’s wonderful creation looking out from our high advantage to the world below and across to the snow capped mountains.  Perfect! Absolutely perfect!

On the Orme

Another view


Back down we headed for the Pier and the Prom and discovered a Punch and Judy show.  So we stood and me being the big kid got into the swing of things.  It was nice to see such a traditional form of entertainment.

Punch and Judy

We stared at the sea and took in the air before heading back for a wander round the shops and back to Barnacles for some afternoon tea and Gluten-free Welsh cakes.

One final look at the sea and it was time to say our goodbyes before heading back on the coach for home. Da iawn!

The sea

Thoughts on the Resurrection

Yesterday we celebrated Jesus rising from the dead.  The Resurrection is what sets Christians apart from all the other major religions.  I have been asked to lead a Bible Study on Resurrection so I’ve been doing some studying in order to try and explain it.

“At the heart of Christianity is a cross; and one of the most significant things about it is that it is an empty cross.  Christians down the ages have been sure that his shameful death on that gallows was not the last word about Jesus.  He rose from the tomb, and triumphed over death.

This was the belief that turned heartbroken followers of a crucified rabbi into the courageous witnesses and martyrs of the early church.  This was the one belief that separated the followers of Jesus from the Jews and turned them into the community of the resurrection.  You could imprison them, flog them, kill them, but you could not make them deny their conviction that “on the third day he rose again””.  Editor’s preface – Michael Green taken from the book “I believe in the Resurrection of Jesus” by George Eldon Ladd.

So why then did the followers of the early church knowing that their belief in Jesus would get them imprisoned at worst killed still carried on? The answer is Truth.  They knew it as being true just like you and I know that the sky is blue and the grass is green.  Yes there are scientific explanations why sky is blue and grass is green but that still doesn’t diminish the truth.

In the New Testament it is recorded that Jesus appeared to over 500 followers and in them days the number only included men, not women or children.  So that figure doesn’t count the women who are mentioned in all four Gospels who went down to the tomb on that first Resurrection Day to find the tomb empty.

So if you are reading this and are not a Christian and are thinking Ok City of Leeds Rose explain to me why you believe?  Well I can’t. I just believe.  After all Jesus said “Blessed and happy and to be envied are those who have never seen Me and yet have believed and adhered to and trusted and relied on me” John 20 v 29 Amplified Bible.

Good Friday

So is today an excuse for you to sit at home, watch TV and eat hot cross buns?  Or is there something more?  For me there is.

Today is the day we remember and celebrate the death of Jesus.  God gave us His only Son so that we can live.  Jesus was beaten and suffered pain as He took on the sin of the world.  It is our Sin that held him there on that cross.  Even in death Jesus still showed God’s love by the kind words he spoke alongside the robbers on that day.  He worshipped God and was praying until the end.  Jesus took that punishment for us and we are healed by His blood.  His wounds have made us whole.

So stand awhile at the rugged cross and think of all that God has given for you.

rugged  cross

Today is not the end…… it is only the beginning


As I mentioned the other day now that it is getting near to the end of Lent I was getting a bit sick of knitting booties.  Today I decided that enough was enough.  My main stash of odds and ends (or should that be the ones I can get to) was running a bit low and so were my spirits.  Every so often I get a bit down over “not having kids” and the winter weather that decided to make a come back after the warm sunshine of late didn’t help my mood.  After finishing 1 dark green bootie I decided whilst casting on its friend as soon as that one was finished I was going to cast on a new project.   After all I had reached my target of 20 (1 for each day of Lent) and in fact had made 21 – all for the Ruth Mailbag project.

Some of the 21


The one I chose to do is Liesl.  I’m using the rest of the Rowan Romance in Shine, and so far the project is knitting up very quickly.  Hopefully with the bank holidays coming up due to the Easter hols I may get it finished and I may even be able to wear it next week! (if the weather improves!!)

Sometimes you theories are wrong.

That’s what I experienced in the past few days.  My friends K&S gave birth to a baby girl.  I was convinced that K was having a boy.   So convinced in fact that I threatened to eat my hat (or one of my many hats) if baby wasn’t.  So did I live up to my promise?  Well of sorts…… I created an edible hat.

I decided to do some baking since my friend D’s chickens are back to producing lovely organic eggs.  I could have gone down the route of making a fancy hat out of tuile biscuits (too much effort) but instead decided to use up some ingredients in the cupboard to make a “sort of” chocolate fudge cake.  I took my basic gluten-free cake mix added some coco, marshmallows and fudge put some of it in a cake tin and the rest in muffin cases (I made double quantity of cake mix).  Once out of the oven and cooled I use a cutter and hey presto an edible hat!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Edible hat


Okay may be not!


The start of April means that Lent is almost over and I’ll be glad once it is.  For some reason although I only picked two simple things I’ve been finding the past few days really hard.  The saying Grace thing is really not happening and I’m still beating myself up about it when I forget (not good).  I’m also getting a bit tired of knitting booties.  I love it when I finish a pair and I have fun plonking them on my fingers and making them walk to where I keeping them, but I’m now thinking of what else I want to knit.  So much so I’ve dug out the yarn, needles and patterns for my next two projects.  However since K&S baby has arrived I really need to knit something for her and have sorted out patterns and yarn ready.  So Easter Sunday will be fun.  I may end up with about four projects on the pins!