Sometimes you theories are wrong.

That’s what I experienced in the past few days.  My friends K&S gave birth to a baby girl.  I was convinced that K was having a boy.   So convinced in fact that I threatened to eat my hat (or one of my many hats) if baby wasn’t.  So did I live up to my promise?  Well of sorts…… I created an edible hat.

I decided to do some baking since my friend D’s chickens are back to producing lovely organic eggs.  I could have gone down the route of making a fancy hat out of tuile biscuits (too much effort) but instead decided to use up some ingredients in the cupboard to make a “sort of” chocolate fudge cake.  I took my basic gluten-free cake mix added some coco, marshmallows and fudge put some of it in a cake tin and the rest in muffin cases (I made double quantity of cake mix).  Once out of the oven and cooled I use a cutter and hey presto an edible hat!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Edible hat


Okay may be not!


The start of April means that Lent is almost over and I’ll be glad once it is.  For some reason although I only picked two simple things I’ve been finding the past few days really hard.  The saying Grace thing is really not happening and I’m still beating myself up about it when I forget (not good).  I’m also getting a bit tired of knitting booties.  I love it when I finish a pair and I have fun plonking them on my fingers and making them walk to where I keeping them, but I’m now thinking of what else I want to knit.  So much so I’ve dug out the yarn, needles and patterns for my next two projects.  However since K&S baby has arrived I really need to knit something for her and have sorted out patterns and yarn ready.  So Easter Sunday will be fun.  I may end up with about four projects on the pins!


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