As I mentioned the other day now that it is getting near to the end of Lent I was getting a bit sick of knitting booties.  Today I decided that enough was enough.  My main stash of odds and ends (or should that be the ones I can get to) was running a bit low and so were my spirits.  Every so often I get a bit down over “not having kids” and the winter weather that decided to make a come back after the warm sunshine of late didn’t help my mood.  After finishing 1 dark green bootie I decided whilst casting on its friend as soon as that one was finished I was going to cast on a new project.   After all I had reached my target of 20 (1 for each day of Lent) and in fact had made 21 – all for the Ruth Mailbag project.

Some of the 21


The one I chose to do is Liesl.  I’m using the rest of the Rowan Romance in Shine, and so far the project is knitting up very quickly.  Hopefully with the bank holidays coming up due to the Easter hols I may get it finished and I may even be able to wear it next week! (if the weather improves!!)


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