Thoughts on the Resurrection

Yesterday we celebrated Jesus rising from the dead.  The Resurrection is what sets Christians apart from all the other major religions.  I have been asked to lead a Bible Study on Resurrection so I’ve been doing some studying in order to try and explain it.

“At the heart of Christianity is a cross; and one of the most significant things about it is that it is an empty cross.  Christians down the ages have been sure that his shameful death on that gallows was not the last word about Jesus.  He rose from the tomb, and triumphed over death.

This was the belief that turned heartbroken followers of a crucified rabbi into the courageous witnesses and martyrs of the early church.  This was the one belief that separated the followers of Jesus from the Jews and turned them into the community of the resurrection.  You could imprison them, flog them, kill them, but you could not make them deny their conviction that “on the third day he rose again””.  Editor’s preface – Michael Green taken from the book “I believe in the Resurrection of Jesus” by George Eldon Ladd.

So why then did the followers of the early church knowing that their belief in Jesus would get them imprisoned at worst killed still carried on? The answer is Truth.  They knew it as being true just like you and I know that the sky is blue and the grass is green.  Yes there are scientific explanations why sky is blue and grass is green but that still doesn’t diminish the truth.

In the New Testament it is recorded that Jesus appeared to over 500 followers and in them days the number only included men, not women or children.  So that figure doesn’t count the women who are mentioned in all four Gospels who went down to the tomb on that first Resurrection Day to find the tomb empty.

So if you are reading this and are not a Christian and are thinking Ok City of Leeds Rose explain to me why you believe?  Well I can’t. I just believe.  After all Jesus said “Blessed and happy and to be envied are those who have never seen Me and yet have believed and adhered to and trusted and relied on me” John 20 v 29 Amplified Bible.


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