Wonderwool 2012

Wonderwool van

I feel like I could change the lyrics of a certain song by Oasis when I think of Wonderwool (although I did prefer at the time the Mike Flowers Pops version).  It was great to see lots of people despite the cold.  Even though presently I am suffering with a cold I was already sneezing and sniffing when I went.

It was great to see all the different animals.



It was also great to meet up with some folks that I’ve not seen for a bit.  But of course Wonderwool is all about getting more fibre into your life.  Although I am feeling miserable with this cold I’ve not been that sad to give you pictures of the yarn that I’ve brought because it would mean that I would have an excuse to list it then on Ravelry (which means I would be spending more time on there today of which I’ve only wasted an hour and a bit on so far).  However I will give you a little taster by naming the people whose yarn I’ve brought and a bit of an idea of what to make with it!

I brought some beautiful lace weight from Eden Cottage yarns that I plan on making a shawl called Cherry Blossom.

I also visited Laal Bear’s stand – I LOVE ADORE her yarns!  I’ve had to order some for the Celtic Stole that I’ve been wanting to make for ages (in a nice deep green with a bit of sparkle – YUM!!!) and I also brought a little to do another project.  Although I was sooo sad and disgusted to hear on Twitter that some horrible people had actually stolen stuff from her stand!

I visited Krafty Koala stand where I picked up a bright blue/red/black skein of which at present I’ve not got a clue what to make out of it but I picked it up because I think it’s fab how she puts colours together!

I blame my friend’s daughter for my Sparkle Duck purchase  (We were on our way of going to the loos before heading off).  I brought two skeins of a lovely red/black mix that I’m going to use on Fallen Roses designed by Majken Hertz.

Now all I’ve got to do is to try and fit the scrummy yarn into my stash boxes without coughing and spluttering all over it!


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