How people see things – perception

This will be a subject that I will, from time to time, aim to come back to so I can tell you the things in this life that I have been learning.

As I walk along this life with God my eyes are being opened to many things.  One thing that we have been focusing on is how people see/hear/interpret things within the world.   A couple of weeks back hubby and I went to see friends down in Tunbridge Wells.  As part of the journey we had to go through London.  Hubby was saying how many sights we saw of London from the train.  My friend’s husband said “So you saw the Shard then?”  Both of us look a bit puzzled “No, we didn’t see that.”

“WHAT??!!” My friends both cried out.  “How could you have missed it?  It’s right beside the platform you got on at!”

“We’ll look out for it on the way back” we said.

On the way back we did look out for it.  We could see it from our seat on the train as we were coming into London, but as we got off the train the Shard disappeared.  Around us were many building and one had green glass.  But from where we were standing the building in question looked like it was any other office block.  It wasn’t till when we looked up we saw the magnitude of the building and the wonderful design.

The Shard

God is like that.  Sometimes we just see the mundane.  We interpret things how we want to see them.  We don’t take the time to look deeper, to look down or to look up. But remember to look up because sometimes you may just see something wonderful!


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