It seems strange to talk of harvest when you live in a city and don’t grow food but the main emphasis is on thanksgiving and of being grateful for life and the things you have around you.

At the service I went to today, Kevin the minister talked about how he after returning from Afganistan where he had spent six months as an army Chaplain. He mentioned how he was thankful that he was now home to be with his wife, family and friends.

We are called to be grateful for everything that we receive. This was very true for me last weekend. I was at a conference staying at a hotel that had seen better days. The room was very a bit retro and it needed a face lift. The food although plenty was also a bit basic. The thing that I kept on thinking about was the amount that I had paid, which was a lot, and this thought kept on fuelling my disgruntlement. Every time I had a negative thought I had to replace it with a positive one.

They went like this. Look at the room it’s terrible ah but someone on the streets would love a room like this! The food is a bit yuck ah but someone in this world who is hungry would give their right arm for a feast such as this! So I went on. In the end it made me more thankful for what I was receiving.

Everyone needs to take stock of what they have got. For no matter what circumstances we are in we are truly blessed!