#Sheeptweeps KAL

I am a knitter and I am on twitter. I was asked on Twitter if I wanted to join an online KAL using Twitter and Ravelry to communicate our progress. A KAL is the abbreviation of Knit A Long.

I have a confession to make. I am a KAL virgin. Sure there have been times when some of my fellow knitters and I have been working on the same project – like when nearly everyone at Stitch Solihull was knitting Wingspan. I helped to knit for the pillars but this was different. This was to start at the same time and to be finished by a certain date.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should join in. I’ve got lots of things to knit before Christmas and yep some are presents. Once I looked at the pattern I realised that it was a project that could be transportable so I agreed. So I casted on a pattern called Sun Dial. They are a pair of fingerless mittens. On Friday night I finished them!

I have enjoyed the experience. It was nice in a strange way to be part of something that was global and yet small at the same time. I’ve decided to give them to a friend along with a ball of the same yarn. She wants to learn how to knit and so I’m going to try and teach her. It should be good fun!



I read via Facebook that here in the UK Domino pizzas were introducing gluten-free pizzas. So after a busy day today the last thing I felt like doing was cooking! Especially when it is cold and wet!

My local supermarket giant usually has a selection of gluten-free pizzas but with Christmas around the corner space is at a premium and thus the range has been diminished. However I physically pass the pizza place on my way home so I popped my head around the door – a first! I asked do you have gluten-free pizzas? You want six pizzas? Erm no I want a gluten-free one you know with no wheat? You’ve started doing them! I’ll check with the boss. Yes we do – what would you like?

After a bit of negotiation and me getting them to understand that I also wanted a pepperoni pizza, which yes I know it’s got wheat in but it is for my husband, the pizza was ordered!

So my thoughts? Very tasty and it wasn’t that expensive. So as a treat I will be ordering again! Result! So thanks Dominos for jumping on the band wagon and ten out of ten for having a list of toppings which are suitable (although I can’t understand why mushrooms aren’t gluten-free). Keep up the good work!

One happy Coeliac lass. X x x

Remembering and being thankful for silence


One of the blankets

November sees us remembering those who died during the wars.  It was also the day when I handed in my woolen goods for Operation Christmas Child.  Two of the items that I handed in were blankets made with yarn kindly given to me by Sister Clare.  She ran a small retreat centre which I used to attend.  There was a room available for quiet prayer and a room with comfy chairs, plenty of tea/coffee/biscuits if you wanted to go and chat.

I went there as often as I could.  I did appreciate the space and the silence.  Space and silence allows you to do a number of things.  It allows you to mull things over in your mind when you have issues that you need to work through.  The danger is when you let the mulling change into churning.  Churning is not good.  Often you don’t know the answers to things and when that happens you have to accept the not knowing in order to move on.

Silence and space allows for your mind to become clear which often allows the creative force to flow.  It allows you to spend time to rest mentally.  It allows you to spend time with God and gives you chance to hear His voice.

The centre has closed and things have moved on, including Sister Clare.  It was nice to spend the time remembering them and hopefully some love and prayers have been crocheted into the blanket so whoever receives it will feel that.  Of which I am grateful.

Gratefulness is a form of Thanksgiving and today in the USA it is Thanksgiving Day.  My latest knitting project comes from there via Twitter.  I am taking part in a KAL – more of which I will blog about later!

Till then take care dear Reader, try and enjoy some silence and be thankful for it.

Writing down prayers

I’m in the middle of reading “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.  Yeah, OK, I know it’s taken me awhile to get round to reading it but in my defence I did see the film and LOVED IT! So much that actually when I’m reading it I see scenes from the film flash in my mind (and I want to watch it again…like now….before I get to the end of the book!).  Anyway one of the main characters Aibileen writes down her prayers.  She started to write them down as a way of practicing her writing but by writing them she feels that they have more power.

Now I do know the power of prayer and there have been times in my life where I have seen God’s hand working.  I have in the past written down my prayers.  A few months ago I decided to write them down on a wipe board that I have on the Fridge door.  Now the board is supposed to be for items needed from the shop but I never bother doing that, but I thought that if I write the names of those I am praying for everytime I go to the fridge I will see it and take a moment to pray for them.

There are many things that at the moment I am praying for and so inspired by Aibileen I thought I would type them out for you.  The names as always are initials to protect those concerned. Maybe even you could join me in praying also.

For D & J both suffering with cancer and receiving treatment.

For those who are unemployed and looking for work.  For those who are facing redundancy.  For K who is experiencing difficulties at work.

For my local churches especially the URC who are searching for a new minister.

For S who needs strength over the next few weeks.

For those devastated by Sandy and those who are dealing with the hurricane.

For those whose names God has placed on my heart K, D, J, L & T.

There are plenty more beside including ones that are unsaid, but God hears them all.