#Sheeptweeps KAL

I am a knitter and I am on twitter. I was asked on Twitter if I wanted to join an online KAL using Twitter and Ravelry to communicate our progress. A KAL is the abbreviation of Knit A Long.

I have a confession to make. I am a KAL virgin. Sure there have been times when some of my fellow knitters and I have been working on the same project – like when nearly everyone at Stitch Solihull was knitting Wingspan. I helped to knit for the pillars but this was different. This was to start at the same time and to be finished by a certain date.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should join in. I’ve got lots of things to knit before Christmas and yep some are presents. Once I looked at the pattern I realised that it was a project that could be transportable so I agreed. So I casted on a pattern called Sun Dial. They are a pair of fingerless mittens. On Friday night I finished them!

I have enjoyed the experience. It was nice in a strange way to be part of something that was global and yet small at the same time. I’ve decided to give them to a friend along with a ball of the same yarn. She wants to learn how to knit and so I’m going to try and teach her. It should be good fun!


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