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All that we have and are is one of the unique and never-to-be repeated ways God has chosen to express Himself in space and time. Each of us, made in His image and likeness, is yet another promise He has made to the universe that He will continue to love it and care for it.

Brennan Manning


Book Review – Knit One, Purl a Prayer by Peggy Rosenthal

One day I was looking on Amazon at knitting books (as you do) and I came across this book.  It sounded interesting and naturally I decided to see if I could order it through work, which work decided yes it would be a good idea to have it for stock.

The book is nicely laid out in chapters focusing on different aspects of knitting and prayer, filled with quotations, poems and people’s accounts of the spirituality of knitting and at the end of each chapter a project that focuses on praying/meditating whilst knitting an item.

I admit it has taken me a while to read this book as I found that every so often I had to stop and let the words absorb into me.  If you know someone who knits and is spiritually minded then I would recommend this to them.

I do find knitting can be spiritually up lifting.  I tweeted out the other a day a quote from Lady Bird Johnson which said: “Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.”  I added that this was one of the reasons why I knitted.  I can absorb into my knitting.  If I’m knitting an item for someone I will often say a few words of prayer into it.  Often I will pour out my heart to God – especially if I’m knitting baby items and I’m in one of my “want a baby” moods.  Often I knit to clear my mind, to make me calm, and sometimes to heal the pain.

I remember once OH and I went away for the weekend – he banned me from taking any knitting…..well….we didn’t get very far at all before he realised what such a bad idea that was!  Unfortunately it was too far into our journey for me to go back and get supplies.  He said that we could go shopping for yarn and needles if that would help me.  To which I replied (OK I admit I was in a mood with him and decided to try and not cave in) ”nope”.  In the end there was a compromise and a promise.  A Yarn related magazine brought and me never going on any trip with out yarn again!

One of my favourite quotes to explain why I knit is this one from Ann Hood’s “Knitting Circle”:

You know rosary beads?” she said. “Knitting is like that. One stitch is like a prayer, just like each bead is a prayer. It’s perfect for contemplation.”

So if Dear Reader you are a Knitter please never feel guilty about the time you spend as after all you are contemplating the finer things in life – which can never be a bad thing! 😉

Blessings! x