The joys of public transport

Today was our Valentine’s treat which meant travelling to Bescot Stadium to see Notts County play Walsall. Maybe not the best treat in the world but OH is a county fan and this lass likes her lad to be happy.

As you know I don’t have wheels so I get around Brum and its surrounding area by bus. I’m blessed where I live to have a good bus service and I can get to most places. So today saw me travelling to Solihull for my eyes tested – no change so it means I can start looking into wearing contact lenses! (Yeah!) On another bus to meet OH and then several buses to the stadium and back home.

When travelling by bus you can read, knit and think. Often you can start a conversation with a stranger which maybe the only one they have all day. When catching a bus you put your life into the driver’s hands…. Now before anyone starts on about lack of driving ability bus drivers are trained and companies like National Express take training seriously. Bus Drivers have no control over traffic and are doing the best job that they can to get where you want to be safely. So next time you get off the bus thank the driver. I’m grateful to the ones who have driven today and the buses on the road.

Blessings to you and bus drivers everywhere! 😀


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