Freedom to worship

Today is Sunday. Give you dear reader a guess of what I did today. Well you are thinking we know you are a Christian so you went to church?

Correct! Well done you! 😀

So why the statement? Well for Lent I’m looking at things to be thankful for. Living here in the UK we are blessed to have so much freedom. We have the freedom to worship as we wish, whether you have faith or not.

There are people living in this world who don’t have the same amount of religious freedom and there are Christian’s who are persecuted because of their belief – see Open Doors:

So today I’m grateful for going to church!


One thought on “Freedom to worship

  1. Freedom to read the Bible is one I take for granted. I have a number of versions but don’t spend enough time reading it & I know that in some areas Christians would love to have access to a Bible in their language & the freedom to read it.
    I’m enjoying your blog & looking forward to next instalment xx

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