To the park

The Victorians are famous for many inventions but I think one of the greatest is our parks. Designed green spaces for those living in towns and cities to get some air and to see green spaces.

Some of our parks are more famous than others, some are small, some are huge, some are in a state of repair and others are well maintained.

Today the sun is shining so I’ve made the most of it to get out and appreciate it during my lunch break. I’m blessed to have a lunch break. I was disheartened to read t’other day that in some work place to have a lunch break is frowned upon, to eat at the desk was the norm. There are dear reader etiquette rules to follow if eating at your desk!

Normally (because I work full-time) my lunch break is spent rushing around the shops, trying to get little chores done. I rarely have time to sit and be still.

There is a lot to be said for having a restful lunch break. A breath of fresh air to wake you up, a chance to let off steam if you go for a walk, a time to think the problems of the morning through. For me a time to appreciate God’s creation.

I’m lucky to have near where I work two parks. I am thankful for them. Today it’s allowed me to sit and enjoy the sunshine – which living in the UK I don’t see often enough!

Enjoy your lunch break and the sunshine! πŸ˜€ Blessings πŸ˜€



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