So have I broken it?

My aim for Lent was to blog each day of what I was thankful for. Yesterday I ran out of time but I still managed to find something to be thankful for.

A couple of weeks ago I had a blood test to see if my vitamin and mineral levels were ok. It is all part of my Coeliac monitoring. They were also checking for gluten antibodies. When I got the call from the doctor I was expecting a bit of a lecture as I knew that I hadn’t checked the ingredient list on a few products. The day before the test I had this chocolate treat that had wheat flour in so I was convinced there would be some.

The doctor actually phoned up to say I am Vitamin D deficient. Felt like saying erm it’s winter what do you expect? Anyway he wrote out a prescription, which I went to pick up after work yesterday. I also had to go food shopping after that. This was done on lots of buses, which took time. I was pretty tired when I got back.

The reason of my thankfulness is prescriptions. We are lucky in this country to be able to get medication and in my case gluten free food on prescription.

On my way out of the doctors I passed the chemist and a lady came out moaning about how much she had paid for the prescription. In the UK we do have to pay the charge. I sent up a silent prayer of thanks. Due to having an under active thyroid I am exempt from charges.

So although this is late I feel that I haven’t exactly broken it just yet. I’m still thankful and yesterday was a double whammy.

Blessings! 😀


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