So I got a bit distracted..

Yesterday I had a wonderful busy day. So busy and so full of many things to be thankful for that it wasn’t till I was closing my eyes to go to sleep did I realise – opps forgot to blog!

I spent yesterday chatting, eating cake and chocolate; and knitting with a dear friend of mine. Yarn introduced us and we realised we had a few things in common. On my way round to hers I popped into a charity shop that is always good for old knitting patterns. So I went in, plonked myself down and had a rummage (as you do). Nothing really took my fancy but I decided to have a mooch around the rest of the shop – well it would be rude not to.

Charity shops are a bit like Aladdin’s Cave. You never know what treasure you will find. Dear reader I found treasure! πŸ˜€

You may recall I’m working on a patchwork quilt. It’s my first go at making a quilt and since I don’t do everything by halves I’m making a KING SIZE one. Yep, king size – you did read that right. It’s mostly purple and pink my favourite colours (of which, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before). However not that I am anywhere near to that stage yet it will need a backing fabric – this is where my find will come in! πŸ˜€

I found a large double sheet circa I think 70s – judging by the pattern. It’s a bit faded and there is a small hole but by using this (I can always patch the hole) it will give the quilt an overall look of vintage shabby chic. It should look fabulous once done, of which I am thankful for! πŸ˜€

Here is a couple of pics of the fabric!




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