When life gives you a glimpse of something that you dream of

I have many dreams of what life could be like. In my head a dream job. I often wonder what it would be like doing the dream job and living the dream lifestyle that I imagine comes with it. Today I helped a lady who was doing my dream job. However as I was talking to her I felt a bit sorry for her. Like all jobs there is a downside and I saw the downside.

Some people would say that my job is their dream job, but a job is a job. There is good and bad, rough and smooth. Pluses and minuses happen all the time. It’s how we deal with the positive and negative that counts.

So today I am grateful to her for giving me thought and being grateful in the job I do and the role I play. I will also say a prayer for her tonight – a prayer for strength and of thanks.

Blessings. 😀


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