The weekend

So I’ve not blogged for a couple of days, letting you know dear Reader what I am thankfully for. I guess you could argue that I’ve had my “Sundays off” during Lent in one whole weekend. Don’t worry though I still found things to be thankful for over the past few days.

Saturday saw me going out with the Zumbarettes to Frankie and Benny’s up at the Fort. I had a fab evening and the food was lovely. Even though I’ve been trying to be good I couldn’t resist pudding! I’m feeling good about being good, eating healthily and doing a bit more exercise. My clothes are fitting a bit better and on Saturday night I managed to get into a jacket that had been a bit tight. So that was two things to be thankful for! 😀

Sunday saw the UK celebrating Mothering Sunday. A day that I always find difficult but instead of having a pity party God quickly reminded me that I wasn’t the only one who finds it difficult. I go one of three ways – negative, positive and mixed. Yesterday was a mixed. I started off being positive by going to the community garden despite the fact that it tried very hard to snow!

The picture at the bottom shows part of the rubble pile we had to go through to find suitable bits to lay as hard core along the path. As you can see there are two tiny snow flakes in the next one to prove that it did snow!

I enjoyed going through the rubble – it was a bit like treasure hunting. I found part of a lovely brick tile that I’m keeping as a bit of a reminder of my time spent digging. Whilst I was digging I thought about how for some going through rubbish to find treasure wasn’t a choice but a way of life. It also reminded me to make cake for Cake week at work all in aid of Comic Relief as this Friday sees Red Nose Day – that dear reader was where there was a bit of a disaster – but that’s for later back to the path. Photos at the end.

As you can see there is a variety of bits and pieces making up the hard core of the path. The path reminds me a bit of a speech bubble with the middle waiting for your thoughts.

I can’t believe how much progress has been made since January of this year when I first started helping out! I’m so looking forward to this Saturday when the first plants will be planted!

I stopped when I got too cold and went and sat in Costas to warm myself up with a hot chocolate, before heading back home. Once home and had lunch I made a start of making Marmalade Cake. It’s taken from “The Gluten-Free Diet Book” by Dr Peter Rawcliffe and Ruth Rolph and it was a Positive Health Guide by Optima my edition is 1990. The recipe requires you to cream together 4oz soft brown sugar with 4oz Margarine/Butter till pale. You then beat in 2 eggs with a spoonful of flour. That is when dear reader disaster struck!

I know I try and emulate Nigella when I’m in the kitchen but the truth is I am like the Swedish chef off the Muppets. There was flour everywhere and then just as I beat in the egg I noticed a piece of shell. The B word escaped my lips and although I tried I couldn’t find the shell. Then there were the tears. OH (Bless!) tried to find it but couldn’t. So I said that the shop brought cake that I had brought in the week for him which he still had not opened would have to do for work and this one would become ours. He then said “I don’t like Marmalade”

“But it’s in cake” I replied giving him a look and shooing him out of the kitchen.

You then add 4 tablespoons of Marmalade before sifting the 8oz flour (I use Juvela gluten-free) and a teaspoon of gluten-free baking powder, plus a quarter teaspoon of mixed spice all folded in. You then add 1oz of mixed peel. You will need some milk to help make it into a batter. Place into a lined loaf tin and cook at 170C for about an hour and a half. Check to see if it’s done with a cake tester. If your oven is as ferocious as mine you may want to drop the temperature by 10 degrees and slightly shorten the cooking time.

So far after two pieces we’ve not found the piece of shell and OH does like the taste of Marmalade but only if it’s in cake!

So yesterday I was thankful for the garden, for being there and giving me something else to focus on.

Today has seen me at work and putting up the Guess the baby photos. It’s been making me laugh all day long! Of which I am thankful for!

I apologise that the pics are at the end – I’m using the app and I know I usually have a bit more success.

Blessings! 😀







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