Making friends with my Sewing Machine

Today started out bad dear reader. I had got up early to go food shopping and just as I was leaving the supermarket my wheels on the trolley bust. I was not happy. I ended up calling a taxi.

I prayed that this was not an omen for the rest of my plans namely playing with my sewing machine. Our relationship is a bit mixed – sometimes we have loads if fun, other times I end up cursing at it something rotten. It had recently had a service. My light I noticed had been fixed, which meant I could see what I was doing.

I had prepped the material – it’s the bit I need for the special project that I am doing – making a banner for Girl’s Brigade. I then re-familiarised myself with the instructions and changed the foot. Then off we went. So smooth and apart from the odd tiny error, the best bit of sewing I’ve done for awhile!

After that I finally hemmed the skirt that I made weeks ago. In all a good sewing session. I’m preparing bits for a another project as well as prepping some fabric for the quilt. Going to spend more time over Easter on it. So thankful of the time spent today.

Blessings! 😀


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