#Gluten-Free products review

You may have seen being advertised by Newburn the Gluten-Free arm of Warburtons, Gluten-Free wraps. Now I’ve never experienced any wraps before so was keen to try them out. I hunted high and low in all the larger stores of the major supermarkets and yet couldn’t see them. I think the hype of “vote to save” them on the Bakery’s Facebook page was assisting in their scarcity. However I was lucky enough to find one packet on my travels! I know we pay extra for gluten-free food but I do think the price of £3 for a packet of 3 wraps is a little on the pricey side. You can get a loaf for the same price! Also each wrap is high on the calorie side 216 cals per wrap. Depending on brand a slice of bread works out at approx 80 so for a sandwich minus filling it works out at about 160. But is it worth it?

Well they are large.


So I filled it and wrapped it like so:



The verdict? Well they are quite squishy and chewy. They remind me of a pizza base, and there is a recipe on the back telling you how to do this. They are also filling. I found then very tasty so will buy them again as a treat. They can be frozen, which is a bonus. So well done Warburtons – keep up the good work!

The other thing I’ve tried this week is “Biscuit breaks” by Nairns They are similar (I guess) to the Brevita ones.

I tried the oats and fruit. The look reminded me of the old style digestives biscuits that I had as a child. They tasted nice but a little hard. They are dunkable and I would recommend it to dunk them in into a hot mug of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. These biscuits are useful if you can’t have breakfast or as a snack. I did have them for a late breakfast and they did keep me going till lunch. I’m keen to try the other flavours and I will keep some in the cupboard as a back up. Again keep up the good work!

Blessings! 😀


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