On being female

I follow lots of blogs, a lot of them are by Christian women trying to live Godly lives according to how they believe the Bible to be interpreted. All of them are American.

In America there are many Christian Communities living out their lives. One that springs to mind are the Amish. Now I have an interest in Amish. I love reading about them and watching programmes about them. I’m loving “Breaking Amish” on TLC – a TV channel that a few of my tweeps are addicted to. A couple if blogs that I follow are influenced by how the Amish live and try to follow certain principles – mainly dress. This blog post has been making me think this past week.

The girls on the left are British girls who as part of a Channel 4 programme a couple of years back went to live with the Amish to see what they could learn. Now normally these girls would have make up on and dress slightly less modest than the pic. The experiences they had did change them but I’m not here to talk about that but to question what is beauty? Is makeup a really bad thing?

I’m trying to change my looks at the moment. Trying to find a style that suits and is in line with where I feel God is leading me. Trying to do this without looking like a frump but not in a way that is over the top. A difficult balance but one I know with God’s help I will accomplish.


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