My battles and my changes of heart part 1

I’m doing this blog in two parts.  I posted the other day about how I read a blog post that really spoke to me regarding how to dress as a woman. It is an issue that I have been debating about of which I will tell you about in another post – part 2.

The reason why I’m not going into it now is that I’ve not got much time today.  I’ve got Boot Camp shortly, which I really can’t/don’t want to miss.  Yeah….I’m on a bit of a fitness vibe at the moment, which I’ve also has had to let me question a few things and to get over a few hurdles. It is part of the journey that I have been making over the past three years but I am at an agreement with God over my heart. Let’s just say it has to be done, I have to be a big brave girl and get on with it.  The other thing is …well… yeah I’m being a bit chicken.  I’m not expecting you dear reader to know what is going on in my mind and you are there thinking you just said you had to be a big girl and get over a few things…. patience is a virtue dear reader! That’s my response!

Anyway as a bit of an introduction to part of my battle I came across this blog about and in it is a video. In it the lady goes through a lot of the issues that I have been experiencing as well as giving a very interesting history about swimwear. There are many valid points in this .

I hope you enjoy!


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