I have a thing

About Psychology. I’m very much into trying to work out how people tick. I’m also very much into self-improvement. So when I came across this book

I thought I’d better read it. It is a very interesting read and although you may feel a bit mad talking to your chimp and twin, as well as trying to sort out your goblins and gremlins whilst the computer part of you is working on auto pilot; a lot of it does make sense.

My chimp is called Pickle because if I don’t manage her she can get me into trouble (pickle). My twin is called Kirsten as that is what my parents originally wanted to call me. It’s OK if you now think I’m completely loopy – it doesn’t bother me. However if you fancy learning more see this:

Blessings πŸ˜€


Strictly Confidential

I work alternate Wednesdays. On my days off I always end up filling them with things to do. Occasionally I get to do fun things! This afternoon I went to see Strictly Confidential.

Strictly Confidential is a behind the scenes look at the hugely popular show as told by Lisa Riley, with the help of some of the Strictly Professionals.

The show is full of music and dancing. The musicians are fabulous and they can all sing. Even Lisa sings a couple of numbers! Lisa and the dancers (the gorgeous sexy Artem, Natalie and Ian) tell us the audience a little bit about them and their Strictly stories. There is a lovely touching moment when Lisa talks about her mum.

I was impressed with the whole show but Natalie blew me away as she danced in so many numbers!

A must for all Strictly fans to go and see as a bit of a fix before the new season starts! (Especially if you like a drool over Artem) πŸ˜€

Things I’ve been reading

For the past couple of weeks I’ve managed to get back into the reading habit. It helped having a couple of cracking reads!

The Land of Decoration is a novel by Grace McCleen. It is a rather interesting novel and there is so much that can be discussed, that I am sure Book Groups would love it. I’ve talked to non-Christians who have read this book but I really wish I could discuss this novel with fellow Christians just to get their take on it!

The story feel a little semi autobiographical as it focuses on Judith a young girl brought up by her Father who is a devout Christian. The author was brought up in a fundamentalist Christian group and there is a lot of similarities in the story to one specific group.

I feel though that readers from all religions will get something out of this. Is Judith really hearing the voice of God or is it her own self trying to make sense of the events happening around her?

If you read it I’ll let you make up your own mind.

The other one I’ve been reading is by Rhoda Janzen. It is a memoir about when the author’s world is turned upside down first through her divorce and seconded by a terrible accident. It’s an interesting insight into a world that is slightly set apart from the rest of society however this is not a blow by blow account of their beliefs more about the experience of living within the culture.

What are you reading?

Blessings! πŸ˜€