#Gluten-free product review

As always I don’t get paid for these. It’s just my thoughts on the new gluten-free products I find!

As you know Dear Reader I’m always on the look out for new Gluten-Free products. Today I was on relief at a community library that has bang below it, well two floors down (due to the design of the building it’s in) an Asda. Well it would be a tad rude not to visit it and check out its “Free From” products.

I picked up a couple of things, one which I’m very interested in trying but I do have my reservations – more will be revealed once I’ve tried it! Don’t worry I will blog about it on here. Anyway cast your minds back to when I tried out Gluten-Free wraps from the gluten-free arm of Warburtons. Although scrummy I was annoyed at the price and the calorie count. Today I’ve come across some more wraps! Made by Bfree http://www.bfreefoods.com/ – not only do I get 6 in a packet they are only 99 calories per wrap and cost less than £3 per packet. So win win on the maths front! 😀

They are circular in design – so proper wrap shape and they are slightly thinner than the Warburtons Newburn ones. They taste nice too! A very nice welcome addition to my diet and at a price and calorie count that I can afford! I’m looking forward to discovering more Bfree products!



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