A tale of two scarves

You’ll have to excuse me dear reader with the way I’ve done the above link sometimes using the WordPress app defeats me!

The above link features Saint and Greavsie – two very well known football commentators from yesteryear. Greavsie was famous in saying “It’s a funny old game” when referring to football. You maybe wondering why am I going on about the delights of Football or Soccer as it is also known as. Well it has actually got to do with two knitting projects that I’ve recently done for David, a friend of mine. He is football mad (Swansea City mad to be precise). He also has a young son and wanted him to have a football scarf. Since he couldn’t find a child size one do asked me if I would be kind enough to knit one for him. Now my rules of knitting for others when asked by others to knit something for them is if you supply the yarn then yes…. Except in this case it was easier for me to buy it using a budget.

A simple white and black stripped scarf was ordered however I wanted this to be a bit more special. The inspiration came from an old scarf that my husband has got. As a child his mum and Nanna knitted him a Doctor Who style scarf tubular style with no seams. So I used a toe up sock casting on technique and knitted in the round, changing colour roughly every three inches. I then used a type of grafting technique to cast off. For the first time ever I made some tassels. I’m very pleased with the result.



You’ll be pleased to know David loves it too! He also is pleased with the next scarf, knitted for him as part of his leaving present (he’s got a new job and I will no longer have the pleasure of working with him).

For awhile I’ve been wanting to do a blog about my friend Jill, who during the summer lost her battle with Cancer. She was a beautiful lady. A lady with a great faith and a knitter. Even in her last days as she was sorting out her affairs she was thinking of others. She wanted me and another knitter to have her yarn stash. David worked closely with Jill and I felt that it was right to use her yarn to create a leaving present. The pattern is this: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kelp-scarf-2 The yarn used is Regia Lace.

I don’t think the yarn suits this pattern. Although there is lots of love knitted into it I’m not entirely happy with the end result. However it’s more the sentiment that matters about this scarf.


Two scarves, two halves and the funny old game of knitting!

Blessings 😀


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