#Gluten-Free Product Review

As ever I don’t get paid to do this. It is only my thoughts on the products I see that I’ve paid for out of my own money.

With the darker mornings now here often Dear Reader I struggle to get out of bed. This often means that I’m running late and often not had time to make my lunch. I know I could make it the evening before but I’m not that organised! So this week on the day I ran out of time I decided to pop into the Sainsburys near my workplace to see what I could find. In the chilled ready meal aisle I found a new product! First of all I checked and double checked to see what it said on the packaging was true. When I realised yep it was Gluten-Free it end up in my basket! It is also Dairy-Free.

It’s a new range by Kirsty’s and I chose the Sausage and Sweet Potato Mash.


The sausages are pork so not suitable for Vegetarians. The meal itself can be either cooked in the oven or microwave (perfect for work). Cost ยฃ3 which I thought was not bad.

It was very tasty. If I had been having this at home I would have added a bit of veg to it just because I’m a bit of a greedy thing! ๐Ÿ˜›

This time though I had pudding! :D. Sainsburys have brought out a Gingerbread person! I can’t remember ever ever having gingerbread or even making my own. Anyway it tasted pretty good. I thought it would be hard like a biscuit but it fact it was very soft. Definitely one to have again!

Blessings! ๐Ÿ˜€