Faith is like a chair

Today 1st December is the start of Advent. Many of you may have opened the first window of your Advent Calendars and if you were lucky may have received a chocolate! Some of you may have lit an Advent Candle. The tradition in our house is to do both.

The Sermon that I heard at Church today focused on Joseph – Jesus’ stepdad, on his reaction to the news regarding Mary’s pregnancy. To make us think chairs were used to show how we see our faith in God and how we react to when God asks us to do something. You don’t think about sitting down on a chair you just get on with it. But when God asks you to do something I.e to sit on the chair most of us would chose to remain standing. Some may go round checking the chair making sure it’s safe before taking a seat. Some may go up to the chair and then tentatively sit down. Do any of us just go and plonk ourselves down?

We have trust in the chair and never question it. As a Christian I often question my trust in God when I should just trust Him completely and sit in His lap.

Blessings! 😀


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