Recipe 1/52

As my challenge states a new recipe each week!

About ten years ago I lost a lot of weight through Weight Watchers. Over the years most of the weight has crept back on. However I’m doing my best to lose some of it again. I know that exercise is my biggest aid to my weight loss but healthy eating also helps. So with these thoughts in mind I decided to go through my Weight Watcher Cookbooks. In their “Time to Eat” there is a recipe for Curried Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup. I’ve never cooked with Sweet Potatoes so I thought that this would be a good thing to learn how to cook as part of my challenge. Unfortunately the supermarket I went to had no Sweet Potatoes but the recipe states that Parsnips can be used as an alternative and good news they are bang in season!


All chopped up in the pot and whilst it cooked I took down some more Christmas Decorations. After about 25 mins I blitzed the soup until smooth and served it with a sprinkle of Coriander as it suggests and some Parsnip Crisps that we had left over.


The result …. Well Hubby says I can make it again and it’s a shame that Parsnips are only here for a short season. So a big thumbs up from him and from me? Well there’s some left over for tomorrow’s lunch and with a planned back on the wagon approach it’s a big thumbs up from me too! 😀

Blessings! 😀


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