Recipe 3/52 #glutenfree #porkpie

Dear reader as you know I’ve been a Coeliac all my life so I don’t have the problem of trying to find a gluten-free alternative to foods that I can’t have. Those who have had a diagnosis in later life or have given up wheat for health benefits often complain about missing certain foods. It was a conversation that I had with a colleague over this matter that became the inspiration for making a Pork Pie.

My colleague had given up wheat and had found she was so much better for it. However over the Christmas period she had felt unwell due to eating some of her favourite foods such as sausage rolls and Pork pie. I mentioned that Dietary Specialist made Sausage rolls that could be purchased from a nearby supermarket.

“But what about the Pork Pie” she said. Good point. I had never seen one for sale anywhere.
“There must be a recipe somewhere.” I said. Those around commented that Hot Water Pastry was difficult to make and notoriously hard to handle. I had seen plenty of Great British Bake Offs to know that. But a challenge is a challenge and by that point I had promised to make one.

So with all of this in mind I gave all of yesterday to the devotion of making Pork Pie. The recipe can be found here and although it uses Glutafin flour I used my prescription Juvela flour with I think not bad result.

I tried so hard not to imagine Paul Hollywood breathing down my neck or his blue eyes quizzing the way I went about making it. I followed the recipe one step at a time and only squealed when the hot fat and water mixture bubbled a bit too much. The dough took awhile to come together and I did have to add a little extra hot water to make it bind.


I had made triple of the recipe so I could make a larger one for OH and me to share. I had to use my food processor to blitz the pork and seasoning together.


Here it is about to go into the oven.


And this what it looks like after it comes out!


I found the process relatively easy. The only real problem I had was with the jelly. It didn’t work too good on the bigger one. I’m not sure about the smaller one as that is now in the possession of my colleague.

The taste of the bigger one was delicious and yep if Paul Hollywood was around I would offer him a piece to try. That’s how pleased I am with the result!

Blessings! 😀


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