Recipe 4/52 a token celebration for Chinese New Year


This Friday is Chinese New Year. As a nod towards the celebrations I decided this week’s recipe should reflect that. It is taken from Quick after-work Chinese Cookbook by Kit Chan. I love the Sweet and Sour taste that you get with some Chinese dishes. The Chinese mostly use Cornflour to thickens their sauces which is good news for me. However there is a downside Soya Sauce is used a lot and that is not Gluten-Free. Luckily there are gluten-free versions of Soya Sauce and that is what I used in the dish.

The dish Sweet and Sour Grey Mullet with Cherry Tomatoes was adapted slightly as I used Rainbow Trout since there was no grey mullet available. Also I used normal tomatoes as I was using up ingredients in the house.

The result was rather tasty even though I was slightly heavy handed with the ginger. OH approved and loved the freshness of the dish.

If you are celebrating I wish you a Happy New Year!

Blessings! 😀


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