Life lessons learnt

Dear Reader

For the past few months I’ve been suffering with a really bad cold on and off and it got me down hence no blogging for a bit. A few weeks ago OH booked a weekend away for his birthday weekend. It also proved an opportunity to have a bit of convalescence time after a big minor op. A lot of the time his minor ops are nothing to worry about but this one although done under local removed a fairly big bcc – thankfully one of the ones that for months I had been wanting it to remove.

So there is the background – time to spend relaxing in our favourite part of Wales in and around Snowdonia. I know what you are going to ask where are the pics?

Well here is the first lesson. Nomophobia is the fear of losing your mobile phone. Guess what? Mine did not get lost. It just decided to die ….. Well not work …. Do the black screen thing. 😦

This proved a little bit challenging. I was not going back home first after finishing work early. So no chance to try and sort it using the PC. I phoned home and left a message hoping OH would get it saying I would meet him at the agreed time and place but not to phone me as phone was being naughty. So there I was waiting and getting worried because he was late. He had been held up by the docs and was told he had pneumonia. Thankfully they gave him some antibiotics with the promise of if you get any worse go to the hospital.

So I got into the hire car, got my self settled and took out my knitting. I was knitting Alva which is a simple pattern using a beautiful skein of Krafty Koala – I was on the stocking stitch bit of it. Whilst knitting I noticed that the car had a screen showing where we were on the road. I mentioned this to OH. “All their hire cars have sat nav in built now” he said, “but I still prefer having paper nav.”
I had just finished a row and clicked my row counter and a thought crossed my mind. Yikes! The pattern for the shawl is on the phone! What do I do after the stocking stitch bit? Panic was about to set in. I did have another project with me but not started and guess where the pattern was? Yep on my phone. So next lesson learnt – always have a paper copy of your pattern as back up.

It meant that if I wanted to carry on knitting, on the Saturday I would have to do the busman’s holiday thing and go to the library to see if I can print it off. Library in Welsh is Llyfrgell. They provide by law, free internet access for 30mins but do charge for printing. So I was in luck πŸ™‚ Paying for printing I was willing to do if it meant I could still knit.

I did have a book on me – a review will follow once finished, but I’m addicted to knitting and no way was I going to go cold turkey. So armed with the patterns it meant I could walk along the prom take in the sea air, sit, knit and watch the sea – perfect! πŸ™‚ I had some ice-cream and my gluten-free fish and chips and had a wonderful day! In the evening when we got back to the B&B the weather was dry enough for me to finally try out my Christmas present – my Bat Detector πŸ˜€

It was so much fun! OH had fun even though he got dive bombed by the bats. I think judging by the sounds I got on the different frequencies and the size there were three different species – but I need to learn to tell the difference. Always keep on learning!

The thing I missed most about not having the phone was the fact that I couldn’t take photos. It made me think of times before the camera was invented. How did people remember what something looked like. Did they commit things to memory a lot more? It did make me more mindful of what I was seeing and made me appreciate the scenery a lot more. Next time – pack your camera – another lesson learnt!

I’m sure I learnt more lessons but those are the ones that stuck with me this weekend. My phone is currently behaving itself. As soon as I plugged it in to the PC it flashed up as normal and said it was charging! Maybe it was someone’s way of making me learning lessons. πŸ˜‰

Blessings πŸ˜€