It was about this time last week

Dear Reader when news of an incident at a Leeds School filtered through. You may be wondering why I am mentioning this. As you know I am originally from Leeds but what many of you don’t know is that I went to Corpus Christi.


That’s me aged about 15. I apologise for the quality. At that time the uniform was grey skirt/trousers, white shirt, grey jumper and purple blazer. Not the black that is now the current uniform. The photo was taken shortly before I broke up from school FOREVER and just before my year took our GCSES.

I did GCSE Spanish and Mrs Maguire was my teacher. She was one of my favourites and she was good. She helped this lass not the most academic, predicted C if she was lucky, to get a B in Spanish. Over the past few days I’ve been reminiscing with folks about my few memories of her.

I can remember her teaching us a Spanish Christmas Carol that we performed – just at the moment can’t remember the words or tune although then I would have known it off by heart. I can remember her urging my class to become more cultured. I remember shortly after getting into foreign films – an appreciation that I still hold today (just can’t knit when I watch them). I remember her swearing that swimming was the best way to get rid of cellulite – not that my 15 year old self was worried about that. I also can remember her telling me how she adopted her sister’s boys after she had died. It was if that was the most natural thing to do. Fifteen year old me was impressed even if I didn’t understand. However now that I have a niece I would do the same in a heartbeat no questions asked.

There has been much outpouring of love and tributes to her. Everything is deserved. For her teaching was a vocation not a job. It was her calling. Her talent was teaching and she was one of the best.

My thoughts and prayers have been with everyone over the past few days. When I say everyone I mean everyone – her family, her friends, the school, pupils past and present, those who knew her… And the very troubled young man who murdered her and his family. I know that is what Mrs Maguire would have done

Many lives were changed on Monday 28th April. It’s a date that is imprinted into the history of Corpus Christi school.

I leave you with two links. Two links that I feel sums up some of my thoughts. The first is a poem which has spoken to me and this tribute the second one the song is just beautiful.

In a small way she changed me. Dear reader did you have a teacher that influenced you?


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