Why Whistles?

I’m so glad for this explanation! When I go past I have been wondering. 🙂

Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

Many locals and people passing through the village may have been struck by the display of whistles on the central island in Acocks Green. Yes they are whistles! A floral display was designed and produced by Birmingham City Council for this year’s entry into the Chelsea Flower Show. The design represented the contribution that Birmingham made to the First World War. As it is the centenary of the beginning of the WWI, it was felt this would be a poignant display. The whistles were used by advancing troops as a signal to other soldiers. Acme Whistles are still made in Birmingham and have a long history, including being used on the Titanic and are the whistle of choice for football referees.

The Acme Whistle Display The Acme Whistle Display

Also included in the orginal display were other remembrances of the First World War – including a BSA folding bicycle, a train that carried the…

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Frank, part 2.

There are times when we have to be brave. To take courage from the world around us.

Sometimes we need to look at the sea to work out what’s meant to be.

*hugs*, prayers and positive thoughts to Vickie on her next exciting stage in her life. Xxxxx

Vintage Finds

Sewing, knitting and vintage – things I love 🙂

Recipe For A Yarn

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m still here, still knitting and spinning but mostly working, working, working to get funds to get my life back on track. Whilst, I don’t consider myself overly materialistic, I have no cravings for a flat screen telly or anything there are some things I need. My preference is to buy second hand where possible and as I’m highly aversed to anything synthetic if it’s not second hand then it has to be made from sustainable materials. Yesterday, I got the chance to buy some second hand pieces to make my home a bit more homely and support a wonderful charity at the same time. A win all round really.

I was on my way down Newland Ave, which is in a trendy, studenty area of Hull to buy some milk and veg for dinner when my eye caught sight of a beautiful sewing…

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Yarn Bombing

Dearest Reader

For many many weeks I’ve been a bit quiet and quite busy working on a secret project. The secret project was erected on Tuesday as part of Solihull BID Britain in Bloom entry.

Unfortunately I was on holiday so I couldn’t see the final results or take pictures. However a few people did.
Straight Stitching has done two blog posts to it and there are loads of pictures over on Facebook on the Solihull Crafters page.

So the project was to make loads and loads of flowers to string together to drop and wrap around trees. I decided one of the easiest things to do was to make loads of French Knitting or Corking as it also known as. This was easy to do on the bus as all I needed was the doll that is used in this craft and green wool. So for weeks this was my traveling project. If anyone asked I said I was working on an art installation.

For the flowers I found the book 100 flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield valuable.  I also did lots of crochet circles in two different colours to resemble flowers. This became a project to take to Knit Night and groups which caused much amusement as people tried to guess what I was making. Sorry that I had to keep quiet.

For those in Solihull I hope you enjoyed the hard work of all the ladies and their creative handicrafts.  For the rest of you look at the links. 🙂

Here is a close up of what I made 🙂





Blessings 🙂