Happy Yorkshire Day or Hello August

Dear Reader
July is the month of birthdays including my own.  OH and I also had our holiday and we went to Scarborough. I had the chance to stare at the sea and feel the sand beneath my toes.


I then went to Harrogate to spend time with the parents and to see Le Tour de France (Yorkshire) twice. I could bore you with the pictures but here is where I stood on the Saturday.


Not too far from the finish.  On Sunday I stood outside the church that my dad and sister attend.  The atmosphere was more like a street party and it was such a wonderful sight seeing it live.

Whilst I was up there we went to the Great Yorkshire Show.  There was lots to see and do.  I was lucky enough to see a cookery demonstration by James Martin.  I also came across the best gluten free pies ever! I’m definitely going to be ordering some online.  Here is the link.

So I mentioned birthdays and my pins have been out making gifts.

I made this Estonian lace cowl for one of my friends.


For another this shawl.


I’m still working on the Whippoorwill and I’ve casted on a friend for a sock.  πŸ™‚

Blessings πŸ™‚


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