So it’s the end of the month

And its the end of the challenge of blogging every day. I must admit that it’s been a few days when I’ve not had time to blog but it’s given me more of an incentive to give this more focus.  It’s also has given me more ideas of where I want to take it forward.

So thank you Dear Reader for joining me this month. December is going to be a manic month so apologies if you don’t hear much! I promise though to post a few pictures of my knitting and report on any new gluten free finds 🙂

Welcome to the count down to Christmas and the adventure of Advent 🙂


The 7 Irrational Behaviors of Black Friday

Black Friday is now a phenomenon that has spread here to the UK. The stories I’ve heard today about the goings on in this country via Facebook, Media and word of mouth has shown the worst side of the British Public. 😦

Center for Advanced Hindsight

Every day of the year, American shoppers act irrationally. On Black Friday, however, shoppers’ irrationality and wildness climb to dangerously high levels. Why does Black Friday lead shoppers to grab and fight, especially when the stakes are often as low as fifty percent off toasters?

Over the last few decades, social scientists have cataloged the many different factors that lead to irrational consumer behavior, and Black Friday touches on nearly that entire list.

Luckily though, if shoppers stay aware of how Black Friday is designed to make them irrational—and if they take breaks, eat snacks, plan ahead, and keep a clear mind—then they can avoid falling victim to the “holiday.”

Here are seven reasons shoppers become so irrational and committed to deals on Black Friday, as well as a few ways you can protect yourself.

Black Friday is like a hazing ritual

Black Friday shoppers are dedicated—they sacrifice sleep…

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On offer :) #glutenfree

As you know folks I’ve been praising M&S a lot lately for their gluten free products. A friend mentioned that she had come across a few party food pieces that were gluten free. So today I went in and there’s an offer on 3 for 2 (cheapest being free) 🙂

Not all of their range is suitable for Coeliacs but if you look you’ll see their version of the cross grain symbol on the products that are suitable.  It also includes mini Chicken Kievs and I’ve tried them this evening.  The products are suitable to freeze so I’ve put half away in the freezer.


Tonight they have got the thumbs up from OH and myself.  Not sure how long they are on offer for but if you are having a party and have friends who have a wheat allergy then it would be rude not to stock up 🙂

Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

Okay so I live in the UK and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving – however with Christmas coming up the ideas suggested here can be applied.

GreenHawks Media

With Thanksgiving just a day away, here are a few tips for keeping the holiday eco-friendly.


Consider a Tinier Turkey – A common suggestion for having a more sustainable Thanksgiving is cutting the Turkey all together. If your family is not about to give up any Turkey Day traditions, consider buying a smaller turkey or individual turkey breasts to eliminate food waste.


Friend a Farmer – Check the local farmers market for your produce. If there is not a farmers market in your area consider asking a friend that has a garden. Exploring these possibilities will provide you with fresh, local, organic options. This is more sustainable than buying from a big agriculture business marketing an organic line. At the least, keep it in mind to grow your own fall veggies for next year!


Use Real Dishware – After working in the kitchen all day long one…

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Learning to Read Your Knitting

Sometimes I can but it depends on the yarn and pattern. For shawls I often have to rely on life lines 🙂

The Knitter Nerd

When I started this blog it was with the intention of tracking my progress in becoming a better knitter – or, back at that time, a knitter at all. I found the biggest hurdle in the early stages is learning to read your knitting.

What do I mean by that?

Back when I started knitting and crocheting I had real problems if I made a mistake. I would stare down at the scrap of fabric and have no idea what I’d done or why there weren’t the right amount of stitches in place.

It was infuriating. For a long time I didn’t like knitting at all, preferring instead to stick to my hooks. A big part of that is the fact it was much easier to see the difference in the stitches with crochet, at least for me.

Now when I make a mistake in my knitting I can see…

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