Knitting Want vs Knitting Need

Interesting thoughts on knitting for want vs knitting for need. Currently I’m knitting for need – Christmas presents. …However there is a project that I’m desperate to cast on purely for want using a beautiful yarn 😉

drawn to distraction

Knitting is a funny thing isn’t it? How many of us would confess to being addicted to knitting? I’ve not known someone who plays guitar as a hobby say that they are addicted to playing guitar. I know I can easily say I am addicted to knitting. I have a sizeable stash, far too many WIPs and more sets of needles than I can keep track of. I love spending time looking on Ravelry, I love an excuse to go to a yarn shop, and I love the therapy that knitting provides me.

Liam puts up with my hobby. I use the term ‘puts up’ loosely – if it was up to him, he would chuck the lot out. There IS too much of it, but it’s just kind of happened. Local yarn shops, department store bargains, fibre festivals and online shopping have all contributed to what has become an…

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