School Style Chocolate Concrete

I’m sharing this gem because hubby has very fond memories of eating this at school. I never experienced this as a child due to Coeliac Disease. I’m now wondering if I can adapt this and make it Gluten Free 🙂

Make Bake & Sew

It’s the ultimate comfort pudding. We all had it at school (usually with pink custard) – Chocolate concrete is having a revival! Every sandwich shop I go in lately has it in the cake display but in my household it’s never really gone away.

My mother used to be a dinner lady when I was a girl and when she left, one of the cooks gave her the recipe as a leaving present. It feels a little naughty to share it actually. As if I’m breaking some kind of ‘dinner lady code’. But here it is. And its amazing! Perfect hearty pudding for after a weekend roast. Sundays will never be the same again.

Pre heat oven to Gas Mark 4 or 180c

80z Self Raising Flour

1oz Cocoa powder

6oz caster sugar

6oz butter

1 egg

Melt the butter in a pan. Place flour, sugar and cocoa powder in…

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