Surprising what I find

First of all yep I haven’t blogged the past two days. Friday saw me absolutely shattered and I tried to find a blog that I could re blog so I could say something. Unfortunately I didn’t find any.  Yesterday saw me at work followed by attending a Charity Race Night where I was in charge of the tote.  I love the person who created the spreadsheet that did all the sums for me. You are truly a genius. ….or at least Excel is. Xxx

So that meant no words either. Today has seen me bunged up with a blocked nose again – so hoping it’s not *whispers* c o l d.

I’ve spent the morning sorting out my yarn stash as one of my friends mentioned a project that uses up cotton yarn. She will knit them up for charity.  I  knew I had some odds and ends of these in my stash.  As I dug deep down into my big boxes I came across some other odd balls of wool including a beige that can be used to make up the dolls for the nativity.  Which was a very nice surprise indeed.

I’ve also sorted out some balls that I’ll never use (well at least in the next 12 months or so) and I’m taking those along to knit night in case anyone else can make use of them. This means my yarn stash is down to two big boxes and a large carrier bag. I may feel a little smug as I have been on a strict (sort of) yarn fast. However this week sees me visiting one of my favourite yarn shops which is like an Aladdin’s cave. ……my resolve may falter…..but then it would be rude not to buy a little something – hopefully beige for the nativity dolls.

Blessings 🙂


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