Finally a bit later but here are some pictures:


The last two Shepherds


Donkey who I love and think is rather cute!


Ox who was a bit fiddly to sew up.


The Wise Men’s gifts.  I’ve decided not to add anything else to them.

I did try making the star but found the gold tinsel thread hard to knit with and when I tried to make a pom pom with it…….Well it didn’t work and I had tiny bits of gold thread all over the lounge.  This amused hubby no end!

Since then as part of my year of making I decided to brighten up an old coat by making some trimmings using the glowworm yarn. I had pink and orange but when I put up the finish pieces up to the coat I realised that the pink looked better.

Here is the finished product:


I was a bit unsure what to make next. I was trying not to cast on another project but focus on the wips. Two of the wips are shawls – a bit complicated to take to Knit Night.  The other is a jumper and currently I’m not sure what I’ve done with the needles that I need for the ribbing.  Hmm going to have to hunt for those.

The decision has been taken out of my hands. This year is becoming the year of the baby. A friend’s daughter gave birth today to a baby girl. πŸ™‚  Also four of my friends are pregnant.   I’ve been asked to make something a little special for one of them.  Since the pins will be out I might as well make a few bits for the other babies – and the best bit booties are a good project to take along to Knit Night as they are small and not complicated. Win πŸ™‚

Blessings πŸ™‚


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