Knitting as Decluttering

When I have a few days off at the beginning of March I will be clearing out my craft cupboard and yes it will take a whole day ๐Ÿ™‚

Being Invisible

Over the Christmas holidays, I started knitting again. ย YAY! ย It had been a while, probably several months, since Iโ€™d done any crafting at all. ย It helped that I had the flu and THEN a cold during January, so I was home from work A LOT.

Iโ€™ve finished two afghans since Christmas! ย One I started just after Christmas and finished near the end of January, while the other one is a crocheted work that I all-but-finished last spring and then put down because the finishing part is pretty tedious. ย They both look really nice, I think!

Here are pics:

Rambling Rows afghan Rambling Rows afghan

Babette Blanket Babette Blanket

If youโ€™d like to see more, check out my page on atย For a funny story, look at the Knot Shoes to see my mistake when I made a pair that fit my giant catโ€™s feet, rather than itty-bitty baby feet.

Regarding decluttering yarnโ€ฆ

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