On loosing my reading mojo

Today I came across this article here

It spoke to me an awful lot as I can sympathise with the author.  I used to be that reader who ate books and it was the norm for me to regularly read a book in 24 hours. However a few years ago when my husband’s health took a bit of a turn I lost my reading mojo.

My head space also became not so good. I spent much time deep in thought and worry. If I tried to take my mind off things by reading I found that I couldn’t concentrate.  I would spend ages re – reading the same line over and over again, with nothing being absorbed. 

It didn’t matter what I tried to read.
Even reading my Bible became difficult. My favourite authors also couldn’t break through this fog that I was going through.  Whatever was suggested to read I struggled to finish a book.

Although that was a strange time and it’s going back awhile,  my appetite for reading has changed. No longer am I ravenous for a book.  A book has to be really gripping to hold my attention, to keep me entertained and enthralled to the end. It’s a rare thing for me to read a book within a couple of days.  If I do, you know it must be a good one.

I know that there’s many health benefits associated with reading and it is supposed to be a way of elevating depression.  My advice through the dark days is keep trying,  and if you can’t , don’t beat yourself up over it. Find something else that will assist in lifting you up. For me knitting became a lifeline.

The other thing I recommend is don’t be afraid to seek out help and speak about how you feel.  I know the road is hard and long. There will be good days and bad days. Eventually things will get better – just keep believing this and show yourself some love.
Blessings x


2 thoughts on “On loosing my reading mojo

  1. I wonder if you really lost your reading mojo or if it just relocated. I had a year when I didn’t read many books at all. But I was reading. I was reading the news voraciously. I was borrowing magazines and following blogs. I’d just lost my appetite for fiction and for anything of length. I needed bite-size articles that didn’t make me think too much. I too was going through a rough patch and I needed to stay mentally focused. I guess I could take any trips into my imagination.

    Hope you’re not beating yourself up too much. It doesn’t sound like you are. Read for your soul. Books will find you again.

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