For Good

Not read the book but the quote also resonates with me. After a busy week I’m looking forward to knitting a few rows of my jumper 🙂

Out of a Great Need

knittingforgoodI read the book Knitting for Good last night and would like to share a passage that resonated with me:

“When I was finally comfortable enough with knitting that I no longer had to concentrate on every movement my fingers made, I discovered that after completing a few rows, the chatter in my mind dulled to a whisper.  As I was used to a mind full of lengthy to-do lists and things to remember, this newfound respite took some getting used to.  While I had been a fledgling practitioner of yoga and meditation, I was gob-smacked by the way knitting–even more that meditation–connected me to that inner rhythm that I had been trying so hard to find.  There was something about the way they both allowed me to bring myself to the present, to just hang out and get comfortable (instead of trying to relive the past or jump ahead to the…

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